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It takes only 2,5 hours for visitors from Hanoi to Mai Chau Hideaway from October 2018 after the expressway Hanoi – HoaLau – Hoa Binh grand opening on the anniversary of the capital liberation (10/10/2018)

Going from Ha Noi to Mai Chau Hideaway is shorten to 2,5 hours from Oct 2018 . The distance from Ha Noi to Maichau Hideaway is  110km.

The Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh road is 25.7 km and its starting point at Hoa Lac crossroads (km 17 + 85 – highway 21), the last point at km 32 + 367, corresponding to km 67 + 510.

Highway 6 in Trung Minh commune, Hoa Binh city was identified as an important arterial road linking the transport between Ha Noi and Tay Bac . This help to exploiting to the utmost the advantages of Hoa Binh and Mai Chau, especially,  linking Hanoi with the Hoa Binh National Tourist Area which has been approved by the Prime Minister in 2017.