Festival in February in Mai Chau: Ethnic Cultural Vibrancy of Northwest Region

Ngày đăng: 17.02.2024
Mai Chau, a precious gem amidst the Northwestern mountains of Vietnam, captivates not only tourists with its majestic natural beauty but also with the richness and diversity of ethnic cultures here. In the lunar January, Mai Chau shines with special traditional festivals, attracting tourists from all over to join and enjoy the lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Festivals where cultural sharing extends to visiting tourists

Xen Ban, Xen Muong Festival: Grand Scale, Traditional Cultural Beauty

Mai Chau shines in the lunar January with the Xen Ban, Xen Muong Festival, one of the most significant events in this mountainous region. This festival not only attracts a large number of locals but also arouses curiosity among tourists with its ritual ceremonies and festive activities with many prize-winning games organized during this festival.
In terms of the ceremony, due to the large scale of this festival, it is organized by the authorities governing an entire region, consisting of many village clusters (known as Tao Phia). The procession includes Tao Phia and dignitaries in the village, young people carrying gongs, drums, horns, flutes, village elders, and the army protecting the village. The main offerings are agricultural products, including banquet trays and two buffalo sacrificed. This is a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the festive atmosphere and participate in the deep-rooted traditional rituals of the people of Mai Chau.

Ritual part of the Xen Ban, Xen Muong festival

In addition to the common folk games seen in other festivals such as cockfighting, singing contests, blowing bamboo flutes, the Xen Ban, Xen Muong festival also organizes unique competitions, such as firecracker shooting and archery. The shooting involves throwing a pomelo up onto the roof, and the pomelo rolls down the slope of the roof. Skilled shooters aim and shoot in turn. The winner is the one who hits all three shots, receiving the title "talented person" and a prize including a tray full of sticky rice with meat and a silver-inlaid ivory-hilted sword.

Traditional archery folk game

Xen Muong Festival 2024: Joyful Reception of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Certificate

 This year, the Xen Muong festival event not only brings joy and excitement to the locals and tourists but is also combined with the Reception Ceremony for the Keng Loong National Intangible Cultural Heritage. These two important events will take place from 8:00 AM on February 18, 2024, to February 19, 2024 (lunar 9th and 10th days) at the Mai Chau District Stadium, Chieng Chau Commune.

Information about the Xen Muong festival in the Year of the Dragon
The Xen Muong Festival, with its traditional name and profound significance, is an important occasion for local residents and tourists to enjoy the lively atmosphere and experience the unique ethnic culture of Mai Chau. At this event, tourists have the opportunity to participate in traditional activities such as ancestor worship, paying homage, and enjoying traditional flavorful dishes.
In parallel with the Xen Muong festival, the Reception Ceremony for the Keng Loong National Intangible Cultural Heritage is a significant step in recognizing and preserving the intangible cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Organizing this event in Mai Chau, a place with a rich and diverse ethnic culture, as well as an attractive destination for cultural tourism, is a great opportunity to explore and honor the traditional cultural values.

Keng Loong unique cultural feature in Mai Chau

Attending this festival, tourists will witness unique cultural performances, participate in traditional folk games, and explore the beauty of unique handicraft products of the ethnic people. This is not only an opportunity to connect and interact with the local community but also a chance to deepen understanding of the culture and traditions of Mai Chau.
 Honoring the Upper Thousands Mother Festival at Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple, Hoa Binh
The festival at Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple in Da Bac District, Hoa Binh Province, is one of the cultural events honoring the upper thousands mother and commemorating the origin of the locality. Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple is located along the picturesque river, creating a magnificent natural landscape and spiritual essence in the Northwestern mountains of Vietnam. In a solemn and sacred atmosphere, the ceremonies honoring the upper thousands mother are conducted with great dignity and significance. Activities such as worship, festivals, folk cultural performances like lion dances, sạp dances, quan họ singing, and folk games are all organized in a serious and dignified manner.
The festival at Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple is an important and anticipated event held annually, running from the 7th day of the lunar January until the end of the lunar March. Each day, it attracts thousands of visitors from all over to participate in spring activities, festive activities, and light incense, praying for a new year full of health, peace, and happiness for every family. It is also an opportunity for people to seek peace and relaxation in the spiritual space of the temple.

Bustling scene of the Ba Chua Thac Bo festival every year

 Thac Bo Temple is not only known for its sacredness but also attracts tourists with its harmonious feng shui. With the river flowing in front and the mountains enveloping behind, along with the bustling of boats passing by, it is considered a destination that brings a sense of harmony and tranquility to everyone.

During the festival days, people from all over the place head to the temple to participate in worship and immerse themselves in the lively and cheerful atmosphere of the event. Every year, this event attracts a large number of locals and tourists, contributing to creating a unique and diverse cultural space.

Experience Culture and Luxurious Relaxation: Combining Cultural Festivals with Resort Stay at Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort

When participating in the festivals at Thac Bo Temple and Xen Muong in Mai Chau, tourists will experience the unique cultural and spiritual values of the Northwestern mountainous region. After profound and meaningful experiences at the festivals, Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort is an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. With its excellent location by the clear lake, the resort offers a peaceful and close-to-nature environment. Guests can enjoy luxurious resort amenities such as swimming pools and local restaurants at Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort.

Spacious room space, amenities of Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort

This is a great opportunity to end a long day full of cultural activities by relaxing and immersing yourself in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of the resort. Book your schedule at Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort today!
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