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Mai Chau valley is famous for its poetic and charming natural landscape, which is an ideal retreat for travellers. Mai Chau is not only a paradise in the Northwest but also a perfect destination for sweet wedding photos. Coming to Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort, your wedding photo album will become extraordinary.

Mai Chau's rustic beauty always holds the visitors' foot, as it is endowed with a perfectly natural picture. Therefore, choosing this green valley as a wedding photo paradise for your big day is ideal. Amid the magnificent and magical natural scenery, the bright light will capture the most authentic feelings of love, sublimate emotions, thereby creating a great backdrop for the couple's day.

Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort owns many beautiful and shimmering views to mark your happiness. In particular, the resort always has incentives with fully equipped resort rooms, special activities, quintessential cuisine of the Northwest for the bridegroom and the bride.

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Ultimate Meeting, Equanimity Retreat
Ultimate Meeting, Equanimity Retreat

Is your business looking for a resort tour combining a conference, seminar, gala organization in open space, green nature together with entertainment, relaxation, team building activities?


🧘🧘🧘 Surrounded by the wonderful nature, Maichau Hideaway is a perfect destination for anyone to come enjoy and recharge after a long week. 🌿🌿🌿
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