Nhà hàng Bamboo - Tinh hoa ẩm thực Tây Bắc

With the aim of delivering the most authentic Vietnamese experience and culture, we created Bamboo restaurant, made from bamboo and wood which will bring you closure to Mother nature. The highlight of the restaurant is the helical staircase at the reception area, with the yellow palette of wood, combined with the natural light will bring out the warmth to our dearest customers. Dive yourself in the middle of the relaxing and peaceful space of Bamboo restaurant, you will surely have a sublimated culinary experience, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Especially, from the second floor of the restaurant, you will capture the whole poetic and romantic landscape of Hoa Binh lake. Your culinary experience will be enhanced by the environment closed to nature, which will be explored by your very own taste of food.

The culinary styles are processed sophisticatedly and subtly under the skillful hands of our caring crew of chefs that contribute to the attractiveness and uniqueness of Bamboo restaurant. We bring out dishes with European or Asian flavors according to your taste. Moreover, the specialties of the Northwest such as rice, pork, and chicken are certain to enhance your culinary experience.

What could be happier than enjoying a meal with the people you love most in such peaceful scenery. Remember to record the wonderful moments that you can hardly find anywhere else in life with the romantic space and passionate culinary style at Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort.

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